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A group of disgraced Samurais (known as “Ronin”) attempt to take down one of the biggest samurai forces in the world to get revenge for their fallen leader. This script dates all the way back to the 2008 Black List. It stars Keanu Reeves and is the debut film from director Carl Rinsch. Rinsch has been known as an up and coming director for awhile now, directing some really crazy-looking but awesome commercials (google him). Writer Chris Morgan has written several of the Fast and Furious movies and is currently working on The Legend of Conan, which is bringing back Ah-nold as Conan.


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I’ve been curious about this one. Visually, it looks different from everything else out there. There’s a supernatural slant to it. Martial Arts is involved. It’s got a hot new director. Any of this sound familiar? It’s the recipe that made The Matrix such a huge success. And let’s be honest. We’ve been waiting for Keanu to make another Matrix for awhile now (not that I’m not a huge fan of Generation Um…).


On the flip side, it looked like one of those movies that COULD be all show and no flow. In other words, I’m scared it may be Sucker Punch or Night Watch. I was 50/50 on the answer to that until I saw the December 25 release date. If a studio’s releasing something on Christmas, that usually means they have confidence in it. So I’m going to give the film the benefit of the doubt.


47 Ronin is set in the beginning of the 18th century and is about a dude named Lord Asano who’s expecting the most important person in the land, the Shogun, to visit his kingdom. Asano’s right hand man is a samurai named Oishi. The two have been through everything together and this is probably going to be their biggest moment yet.


Oishi is in charge of a group of samurais, one of them a “half-breed” named Minoru, who neither Oishi or Asano know is sneaking off with Asano’s daughter, the beautiful Mika. The whole half-breed thing means they can never be together, which puts a real damper on their future prospects. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try.


In advance of the Shogun’s arrival, his evil second-in-command shows up, the serpentine-like Lord Kira. Lord Kira instantly falls in love with Mika, and tricks Asano into lifting his blade by pretending to attack Mika. Lifting a blade in a kingdom where the Shogun is present is punishable by death. Everyone must watch as Asano takes his own life, the honorable way for a samurai to die.


Adding salt to the wound, Lord Kira designates everyone who served under Lord Asano “ronin.” This is the worst disgrace a samurai can face. Ronin are samurai who have no honor. They’re then kicked out of the kingdom except for Oishi, who’s jailed and beaten to within an inch of his life.


Lord Kira, of course, wants to marry Mika now, but she wisely calls for a clause in the code that gives a daughter a year of mourning for her father’s death. The Shogun grants her request, to Kira’s dismay.


Eight months later, Oishi, now a broken man, is released. And he hasn’t forgotten about his best friend’s death. Naturally, he wants to get the band back together and kick Lord Kira’s ass. The problem is, most of the Ronin have disappeared. He only manages to scrounge u


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